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Commercial Building Cleaning

Commercial Buildings

Managers of office and commercial buildings face a continual need to portray showcase appearances to their customers at all times.  When customers/clients feel welcome and comfortable in an establishment, they'll be more likely to return, and one of the best ways to make them feel comfortable is to provide them with a clean and well-kempt environment.  OCM custodians are carefully hired and then required to complete a training program specifically designed for your office's needs. 

Office environments pose a variety of challenges from a cleaning perspective. The type and frequency of services is determined by the appearance standards that the corporate culture dictates, by the materials used in the building, by the type and amount of various areas (public, shared, or private work station) and by the soil load. Each organization has its own ideas about how clean their facility should be. In addition some materials are more prone to show dirt and spills than are other materials. The soil load is determined by the work being performed in the building, the ventilation system, the type of dirt traps at the entrances, the environment outside the entrances, and the density and type of activity inside the building. The amount and usage of shared and public areas dictates the type and frequency of cleaning required. As a result, one program does not fit all offices.

At OCM we understand these differences and develop each program to custom fit the specific office environment.  Our training programs and strong management support allow our trustworthy teams to provide you with this quality service before, during, and/or after your hours of operation.  Allow OCM to keep your office building consistently clean, to benefit not only the customers who frequent your establishment, but also to promote increased productivity for your staff.

For more information about the experience our company has had effectively serving office facilities, or to set up a no-obligation meeting to discuss your facility's custodial needs, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.